Monday, August 27, 2007

1492: in a leaf...a stone...a shell

[Anno Domini 1492. At the court of Queen Isabella of Spain.
A banquet celebrating Columbus' return. Columbus brought tobacco.
Adrian de Moxica looks, curiously. Columbus lights up, inhales.]

Simply allow the palate
to enjoy the flavor of the tobacco.
[Adrian looks at smoking Columbus. Other guests chatting.]

Try it.
[Adrian takes cigar, inhales, coughs. Columbus, Queen laugh.]

You say this is an Indian vice?
I certainly don't see the pleasure
That would make this a sin.
[Adrian and Columbus exchange looks.]

Columbus [hesitates]:
The Indians have no such word.

Queen Isabella:
Have they such thoughts?

Columbus [pauses]:
They come and go
As naked as the day
God created them.

Queen Isabella:
God ... which god?

[Everyone quietens down and listens in. Columbus smiles.]

Nature is their god.
[Columbus pauses, thinks; considers, and nods.]

It's as if god and nature were One.

They see him in a leaf ... in a stone ... in a shell
[Exchange of puzzled glances. Columbus rises from the table, continues.]

The islands are covered with trees ...

Forgive me, Don Cristobal -- what about GOLD?

1492: Conquest of Paradise (1993)
Directed: Ridley Scott
Written: Roselyne Bosch
Gerard Depardieu (Columbus),
Michael Wincott (Adrian),
Armand Assante (Sanchez),
Sigorney Weaver (Isabella)